Welcome to MySZV

MySZV is an online self-service portal for all SZV medical insured to access and manage their own personal data that is registered at SZV.

For who

All persons who have SZV medical insurance (valid or expired).


24/7 self-service

  • Access to your profile at SZV
  • Update your personal information
  • Apply online for SZV services


Get your MySZV account

  • You can only request your MySZV account on this page. Not by phone or e-mail.
  • You must have your own personal e-mail address. Your e-mail address will be your username.
  • Valid ID: you need a picture or scan copy of your valid Sint Maarten ID or Passport.
  • SZV IDnr and card number: have your valid or expired SZV medical insurance card on hand to find these numbers.


Tips for a secure user experience

  • Check the spam/junk e-mail folders for your MySZV confirmation(s) and activation code(s).
  • SZV IDnr and card number: on your valid or expired SZV medical insurance card you will find your SZV IDnr and card number.
  • Be sure to create a secure password for MySZV and do not share this with others. SZV will never ask you for your user name or password.



At all times, it is your responsibility to secure all access to your MySZV account, online and offline.

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